103P AWS D1.1 Level II Specific Ultrasonic Training

This course is a 2.5 Hour course made up of 1.5 hours of lecture and code and 1.0 hour of instructional videos. This presentation goes over the basic requirements for agencies performing nondestructive testing, the equipment qualification and equipment calibration requirements, discontinuity evaluation and interpretation.

Objective 1: Obtain a basic understanding of what is required for agencies performing nondestructive testing.

Objective 2: Obtain a basic understanding of what the equipment qualification and calibrations are.

Objective 3: Understand evaluations for statically loaded nontubular structures and all of the small variables in the AWS D1.1 2010.

There are some specific code requirements that are typically missed. If you think this question is showing a rejected discontinuity, then you would benefit from this course.