101Q Prequalified Welding Procedure Specification Quiz

This quiz covers the basic requirements for creating, reviewing, and verifying prequalified welding procedure specifications (WPS) in accordance with the AWS D1.1 2010. The AWS D1.1 2010 is the referenced code for the International Building Code 2016 and earlier versions. If your state utilizes this model code then the requirements of this course will apply. If more recent versions are referenced in your contract documents, this course will still provide you with the needed knowledge to properly review a WPS. This quiz is geared towards contractors, inspectors, inspectors in training, engineers, owners, and authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ). Along with the AWS D1.1, this quiz also covers some requirements as listed in the AWS specifications and AISC. This is a 20 question quiz to help ensure the needed knowledge has been obtained. The quiz may be taken no more than 2-times.